Desktop computer repair

Desktop computer and PC repair in Riga. DAP device repair center provides servicing and repair for APPLE, ASUS, ACER, DELL, LENOVO, SAMSUNG, MSI, HP, MICROSOFT and other manufacturer desktop computers. We offer modernization for improving the speed and performance of your desktop computer. Amongst repairs, we provide motherboard and other component repairs, chip soldering and replacement, contact and socket replacement, and many others. For improving the speed and performance of your desktop computer we offer maintenance, cleaning, software updates and installation, amongst others. We offer a guarantee for all repairs and servicing done in DAP device repair centers. We welcome you to DAP device repair centers in Riga.

Desktop computer repair

APPLE, ASUS, ACER, DELL, LENOVO, SAMSUNG, MSI, HP, MICROSOFT, TOSHIBA, RAZER and other manufacturer desktop computer repair.

Estimate desktop computer repair fees

Service Fee €
Diagnostics (free) 0
Driver installation from 3
Software installation from 5
Data saving from 5
Contact maintenance 8
RAM repair and replacement 8
HDD repair and replacement 10
Cooling fan repair 10
Antivirus software installation 10
Computer virus removal 10
Computer component replacement 10
Inverter repair and replacement 10 - 25
Computer case replacement 15 - 35
Modernization from 15
Desktop computer optimization 15 - 35
Notice of defect 20
Service Fee €
Reprogramming BIOS 20
Other repairs and servicing various
Maintenance from 20
Power supply repair 20
Extensive diagnostics 20
Socket replacement 25 - 35
Maintenance + thermal paste repl. + contact maint. 25
Chip replacement 30
Maintenance and repair after liquid damage 25 - 95
Motherboard repair 35-150
Motherboard replacement 25
Video card maintenance from 15
Windows 8 setup + all drivers 20
Windows 10 setup + all drivers 20
Windows 7, 8, 10 setup + all drivers + file backup 25
Windows 7 setup + all drivers 20

About fees

To be able to provide more accurate information about the fee, please bring your desktop computer to one of our service centers. A technician will perform a diagnostic test and inform you about the found defects, possible computer repairs, deadlines and cost of repairs. The technician will provide you information about the exact service fee that will be charged upon the completion of the service and repairs.

About deadlines

After completing the device diagnostics and setting the service fee, a technician will inform you about the estimate time that is needed for shipping the parts, if none are available in DAP storage, the repairs and servicing, as well as post-repair testing. The deadline mostly depends on the difficulty of the repairs needed. The technician needs time to do an extensive diagnosis of the device to find the cause of the defect. Each case is unique and with a varied degree of difficulty. The defect can be fairly fast to repair or more difficult, when, for example, the motherboard needs repair.
Purchasing a new desktop computer
If you have decided to purchase a new desktop computer, we can help. When repairs for your old computer are not possible or cost effective, for example, when many expensive components need to be replaced, we offer desktop computers for sale from any major PC brands and manufacturers for competitive retail prices. Ask our customer managers about the preferred computer model and make an order. It is possible to exchange your old, unrepairable computer as a partial payment for the purchase of a new desktop computer. We will set up your new computer with all the needed drivers and software, transfer important data, and, if needed, modernize your new PC. We also offer custom desktop computer and PC builds that are tailored to your needs. Leasing is also available for desktop computer purchases in our store.
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