Laptop repairs.
Stationary computer and hardware repairs.

Check up your devices without worries about further unexpected expenses!
We offer diagnostics free of charge regardless of whether the repairs are carried out in our service centre or not!!!

Repairs of portable and stationary computers, service, software installation, performance improvement, optimization, physical cleaning, restoration, prevention and other available services.

Hardware, computer repairs and the fee of the service


List of services offered regarding computer and laptop repairs

Free diagnostics regardless of whether repairs are done or not. free
Software installation 3
CD ROM replacement 5
Network card replacement 5
RAM replacement 6
Cooling fan replacement 6
Re-soldering the capacitors 6
HDD replacement 8
Cleaning the computer from dust + prophylaxis 8
A set of necessary software installations: Open Office, Codec, Adobe Reader, free antivirus etc. 8
Diska kopēšana 8 - 15
Datu saglabāšana

8 - 25

Driver installation if the original disk is lost 8 - 25
Antivirus setup 9
HDD replacement on a portable computer 15
Graphics card replacement 10
Reprogramming BIOS 12
Cleaning dust out of a stationary computer 15
Router setup 15
Systemboard replacement 15
Computer prophylaxis 15
Data transfer from one computer to another 15
Computer's case replacement 15 - 30
Getting rid of computer viruses and antivirus software setup 15 - 45
Power supply unit replacement 20
Replacing the keyboard on a laptop 20
Laptop's screen replacement 20
Operētājsistēmas optimizācija datora ātrdarbības palielināšanai 25
Thermal paste replacement, contact prophylaxis 25
Computer's performance improvement and optimization 25
Motherboard repair on a laptop 25 - 40
Cleaning the laptop from dust + thermal paste replacement + contact prophylaxis 30
Windows 7 setup + all drivers 20
Windows Vista setup + all drivers 25
Windows XP setup + all drivers 25
Windows 7 setup + all drivers + file backup 25
Windows Vista setup + all drivers + file backup 30
Windows XP setup + all drivers + file backup 30
Windows 8 setup + all drivers 25
Windows 8 setup + all drivers + file backup 30
Laptop case repair 35 - 65
Laptop's point of power supply replacement 35
Cleaning a laptop after technical difficulties with liquids 40
Laptop's lamp replacement 40
Systemboard replacement on a laptop 35 - 170


We offer leasing for all service, equipment and component purchases from 50 € upwards.
Leasing is formed on the spot in 5 - 10 minutes.

First payment is 0 €

Prices may be changed upon further agreement with the client.
Commercial software is installed from the client's CD or after presenting a licence.
Our service centre offers licensed software for purchase.

Laptop repairs and prophylaxis.
The whole package will improve performance.
Your laptop will serve you longer.
Take the opportunity!

Laptop repairs for improving performance, optimization, prophylaxis and removing viruses.

Laptop's performance enhancement and prophylaxis package

Price of the package



Cleaning from dust
Thermal paste replacement
Contact prophylaxis
Computer's optimization
Performance improvement
RAM prophylaxis
Registry prophylaxis
Virus scanning
Virus removal
HDD defragmentation
HDD security check
Removing unnecessary processes
Removing incorrect startup programs
Power supply check up
Cosmetic cleaning of the screen
Cosmetic cleaning of the case

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Free diagnostics!

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Free rental computers!

If you require repairs on your laptop, our service centre during the repairs offers a rental computer for your usage free of charge.

Free visit!

Within the borders of Riga our repairman's trip to your place is for free.

Free consultation!

We offer consultations free of charge

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Don't forget to ask our service centre experts about some discounts! ;)

Computer service comes with a warranty.

Our service centre's warranty with its label offers you the opportunity to resell your equipment faster with at a higher profit!

Computer and laptop service fees



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