Monitor repairs

Post-warranty monitor repairs, free diagnostics

Monitor repairs in the Datoru Ātrā Palīdzība service centres are available for all the leading monitor manufacturers since 2003. We have acquired a lot of work experience.
The repairs are carried out swiftly and with high quality. Our service centre employs professionals with a considerable work experience who are experts on monitor repairs.
We offer free diagnostics before the service. Monitor maintenance is available in our service centre as well as repairs.
All repairs, maintenance and components come with a warranty. We use only quality tested components in our service that are supplied by leading manufacturers. Our company provides quality service and monitor repairs together with competitive prices.

If you are having problems with your monitor, please contact our experts.
Address and contacts: A. Čaka iela 91 - 10, tālr.: 67570758, 27074834,

Much of the problems can be prevented successfully and your monitor will be as good as new!


Monitor repairs. Fees Ls / €

Service Service fee €
Diagnostics free
Inverter / power supply unit repair 15 - 35
Component replacement from 8
Firmware update 15

Backlight replacement
( replacement + the lamps)


from 15
monitoru remonts




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