Leasing. The repair of computer equipment and other devices via leasing.

Repair service, computers, components and other articles on leasing.

DATORU ĀTRĀ PALĪDZĪBA in cooperation with LATEKO LĪZINGS offers the opportunity to pay for computer and other equipment's repairs as well as for various components and articles by leasing.
Sometimes it happens that the price of the repair or a component is higher than you expected. For example, the free diagnostics service may indicate that your laptop's motherboard is "fried". Data recovery from a data carrier is a long and difficult process too therefore the price may be higher than expected.
If you computer is damaged, data lost or some other misfortune has happened or you wish to purchase a specific component, you don't have to wait when the funds turn up.
Bring your computer or other equipment to our service centres. Purchase the computer components already today. Very convenient. For example, a moderately expensive component costs 60 Ls but you can split this price into 12 instalments. We can split the cost even into 36 instalments and upon purchasing a computer the price will be very acceptable. You may not even notice these monthly instalments but you will notice your fully repaired or brand new equipment.
Utilize the opportunity to set your equipment into order or get the desired articles by monthly instalments. REPAIRS of computer equipment and other devices by LEASING - A RARE OFFER!

We offer leasing for all service, equipment and component purchases from 30 Ls upwards
Leasing is formed on the spot in 5 - 10 minutes.

First payment is 0Ls


You are welcome in our service centres!

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