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Data security comes first!

The possibility to lose the data stored in your computer is one of the most significant problems that worries users worldwide. Nowadays information carries a great value in the life of every company and organisation. The loss of important information may cost you money and time that has been spent in collecting and processing said information. The restoration of information and files is a complex process, therefore, employing a computer service company can cost less than computer errors resulting in the loss of data and large expenses for recovering the data.

Data may be lost due to various reasons. Software error, virus attack, technical component malfunction or of course user's fault. These cases require operative action to avert the crisis and save the computer from massive data loss. Those not specifically trained should in such case not try and fix it on their own but rather turn the equipment off and wait for the arrival of the computer techician.

Even in the extreme case of a total and complete system breakdown, the technicians still may recover the lost information. That requires a lot of patience-filled work, powerful software and of course, very specific professional IT knowledge.

Our service centre offers:

  • Free diagnostics in the case of lost data
  • Data backup
  • Hard drive re-installation
  • Data recovery from a damaged HDD or other data carriers (USB flash, Compact flash Card etc.)
  • Data recovery from RAID
  • Password removal
  • Structure restoration (FAT, NTFS etc.).
  • Other data restoration tasks

Data recovery and diagnostics fees €


Diagnostics HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
Various data carriers

Data recovery after deletion or a format

Damaged HDD head Damaged HDD motor Damaged HDD surface "Firmware"
Free from € 29 € 250 - 550 € 390 - 550
€ 390 - 650
€ 79
RAID SSD Structure recovery USB, Compact flash card Copying Other data recovery services
depends data recovery

FAT, NTFS etc.
if surface not damaged

various sizes damaged electronics depends
from € 450 depends on the number of chips € 115
no € 29 € 35 - 79

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We offer leasing for all service, equipment and component purchases from 30 Ls upwards.
Leasing is formed on the spot in 5 - 10 minutes.

First payment is 0 €






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