Data recovery

Data recovery in Riga. The possibility of losing data is one of the biggest problems due to the time and money that has been invested in gathering and processing it. Data recovery is a difficult and time-consuming process that requires special software and high-level IT knowledge. Losing data can happen because of multiple reasons, including software failure, data carrier damage, liquid damage, and user error, for example, when the data carrier is accidentally deleted or reformatted. In these cases, servicing must be done without delay to prevent large amounts of data loss. We offer a guarantee for all repairs and servicing done in DAP device repair centers. We welcome you to DAP device repair centers in Riga.

Data recovery

Data recovery from different data carriers after deletion, formatting, physical impact, liquid damage. Damaged HDD read-and-write head. Damaged HDD motor. Damaged HDD surface. Firmware. FAT, NTFS . Damaged electronics, etc.

Estimate data recovery fees

Service Fee €
Diagnostics (free) 0
USB, Compact flash card 29
Firmware 65
Damaged HDD read-and-write head 190
SSD, depending on the amount of chips various
RAID 450
Service Fee €
Damaged HDD motor 390
FAT, NTFS, etc., if there is no surface damage 115
Data copying, if electronics are damaged 45 
Structure restoration 115
Damaged HDD surface 390
Other repairs and servicing various

About fees

To be able to provide more accurate information about the fee, please bring your data carrier to one of our service centers. A technician will perform a diagnostic test and inform you about the found defects, possible data carrier repairs, deadlines and cost of repairs. The technician will provide you information about the exact service fee that will be charged upon the completion of the service and repairs.

About deadlines

After completing the data carrier diagnostics, a technician will inform you about the estimate time that is needed for data recovery. Unfortunately, due to the specification of the data recovery process, an exact date cannot be set for the completion of the service. Often this process takes a long time, because scattered pieces of information need to be found and moved to a new data carrier that is compatible with your device. In some cases, this process can be relatively fast, however deadlines are different for each case.
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