Computer service for small, medium and large companies

The service includes:

  • Computer diagnostics
  • Computer repairs and hardware diagnostics
  • Creating backup copies for your important information
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Consultations on choosing software
  • Antivirus software installation and updating the virus definitions data base
  • Computer and peripheral device optimization, driver and software security adjustment and update
  • Temporary replacement of computers during the repairs including the copying of necessary information
  • Unlimited calls and consultations
  • OS optimization, performance improvement
  • Connecting and configuring new equipment
  • Remote administration
  • Physical cleaning of computers (dust)
  • Monthly visit by the network administrator:
  • Virus check
  • Network security check
  • If necessary, network security improvement setup
  • Software error avertion
  • Personnel consultations
  • Optimisation of computer-tasks
  • Consultations on the choice of equipment, supply of new computer equipment

Computer service. Fees €

Number of computers Fee for one computer per month €
1 - 2 € 50
3 - 5 € 46
6 - 10 € 42
11 - 20 € 39
21 - 30 € 35
31 - 50 € 29
more than 50 fee on agreement
server maintenance from € 80




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Computer maintenance must be left in the hands of experts.

If your computer has been working slower, with hiccups or even throws up the "blue screen of death" it does not mean that the computer should go to scrap and a new more powerful equipment must be bought. It needs maintenance. It is possible that it only requires a software update or fix, a good virus scan and removal, a replacement hardware part. Sometimes upgrading the old computer may yield just as good results as with a newer and more expensive model. Therefore, already when purchasing computer equipment one must understand that service will be required, an IT expert who would regularly carry out diagnostics, secure information and if the necessity arises, provide improvements or repairs.

Often when trouble arises, either with personal or office computer equipment, we call friends, colleagues, try to solve the problem on our own, find solutions on the Internet. This may solve the problem temporarily but it may repeat later until the computer refuses to work completely. Therefore, computer service should be entrusted to qualified experts who have studied the respective knowledge for several years in IT higher educational establishments and who have the necessary work experience and skills.

Computer maintenance is a labourious process. Not all companies have the option to employ an IT specialist daily. Often it's more convenient to employ outside services by signing an agreement for computer maintenance with a computer repair company. A knowledgeable expert who has a grasp in modern IT will help purchase adequate computer equipment, network them together, undertake configuration, provide regular diagnostics, take care of data security and consult other employees on computer-related questions. Not always computer errors require a specialist's visit - he can provide help via the telephone or the Internet. Furthermore, putting your trust in a single computer sevice centre will prevent the situation of employing the help of a different computer service company each time which is risky to the security of your company's data which could stray into the hands of third parties.

Nowadays the service of an IT specialist for private persons is as necessary as the service from a hairdresser, dentist and other similar often visited specialists. But a company needs an experienced IT expert's help just as it needs consultations from a skillful accountant.


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